Viva Las Vegas. Baby.

Catch our gallop of a title sequence commissioned by our friends at Tiger Aspect tonight, for the second of JLC’s ‘fish out of water’ travelogues. As another mix media venture, this time as a single-camera-move jaunt across the Vegas landscape, our presenter crops up in several bizarre locations throughout: driving his car through a swimming […]

Choose a car. Any car.

Hitting the gogglebox’s this week are these two commercials Hamyard designed and directed for A&N Media, as part of a rebrand of the second hand car search site, Motors.co.uk. Based around the concept of elimination, our designs form the basis of the site’s advertising campaign that includes TV, radio, press and digital. Animated in Flash […]

P for P Idents

Two animated idents here for fellow colleagues’ P for Production, makers of live action loveliness. One is a straight execution, the other all glitchy and stuff. Eno-esque piano blast by us also. Mmmm tasty… STILLS

JLC to the JPN

Check out our titles and in-show graphics tonight on JLC’s latest travelogue “Justin Lee Collins: Turning Japanese”. We combined photomontage, hand drawn and 3D animation with rotoscoped live action in a style clash of all things Japanese. Quite a labour of love this one, but when you get a free ticket to go mad, you […]

A Most Refreshing Pint…

Take a ganza at this giant animated mouth watering pint of cider we designed and modeled in 3D for the Strongbow promo site for digital agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Every time someone hits the ‘refresh’ button in their browser the pint of Strongbow goes down by one sip. The pint had 1 million sips […]

Hello World!

So, you’ve found the start of our news blog. Well done. It’s here that you’ll find a stream of our latest Hamyard news updates: stuff we’re proud of, visual treats, irreverent ramblings, sneaky peaks and other related propaganda, all mercilessly force fed to you and the rest of planet earth. Don’t forget to follow us […]